There are different opinions on how to get a Spinrilla artist account out there. This blog post is going to help you to create a Spinrilla artist account and will help you to finally upload your music to Spinrilla.

With an estimated 700,000 monthly visitors Spinrilla is one of the best-visited mixtape websites in the world. No wonder a lot of upcoming rappers desire to have a Spinrilla artist account. Almost every mixtape of any rapper who got a name for himself publishes his mixtape on The app got more than 10 million downloads on google play and therefore even beats the Livemixtapes- and the Datpiff app.


So how do you get a Spinrilla Artist Account

Actually, it’s easier than you might think. A lot of upcoming artists make it harder on themselves as it has to be!

To create a Spinrilla Artist Account you simply go on and create a free account. After you did that you can apply for a Spinrilla Artist Account at


What to do before applying for a Spinrilla Artist Account

The Spinrilla artist account is free. In order to get approved, Spinrilla will check your music and social media presence. You can’ pay your way into having a Spinrilla artist account, you will have to earn it.  They want to regulate the quality and professionalism of the musicians on their platform. This ensures a good user experience for their visitors. The more professional you are the better the chances to get approved. If you have artist profiles on social media and your music on music streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify, this will help to convince Spinrilla’s staff that you are a rapper to be reckoned with. This is the best way to secure your Spinrilla Artist Account, it’s about the quality and your professionalism.


Should I network with the Spinrilla staff to get my Spinrilla Artist Account?

Some people believe that it helps if you network with Spinrilla staff in order to get your account and upload music to Spinrilla. This might give you a little, a very little, advantage but if you don’t have a solid online appearance. Make sure that your music is on streaming services such as Pandora, iTunes, Spotify etc. I have another Video on this page which explains how to get your music on music streaming services (Click Here To Read The Article). Use your artist name consistently overall social media platforms that you need. And of course, it’s doesn’t hurt to have a big amouont of followers on social media as well. Don’t let that stop you, since it can definitely also work with a small fanbase on your social media. Google your artist name and if the first page is full of posts about you and your musical projects your good to go.

Even if you have less, I suggest you try it anyway. If you don’t get accepted write an email to: and ask for an explanation and what you need to do in order to get a Spinrilla Artist Account. In the meantime work on your online presence and they might accept you asap.

As usual, let me know if this post was helpful and share your experience of getting a Spinrilla artist account.

Talk soon


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