Use social media platforms

This sounds basic but it turns out that a lot of upcoming artists don’t use the power of social media. You should use social media platforms to share your songs with your followers. A lot of artists only share music on soundcloud…. Some share it on their favorite Social Media but too few share their music on all platforms. If you want to get more followers, plays, likes and comments you need to follow this free Soundcloud promotion tip here. You need to share your songs on all your Social Media accounts. If you aren’t active on some accounts you might think about shutting those account down because it will only confuse your followers. Chose the Social Media platforms that you want to be active on – of course, you also have to think about where your fanbase is most active on, to find the right solution on where to share your music.

Besides sharing your music on these platforms you also need to use them to promote your new singles. You can upload snippets of the song or how you and your friends going crazy listening to it. Just do something that’s entertaining and makes your followers excited about the release. And then, there is one more thing while using all these different platforms to promote your music and gain new fans, make sure that you always use the same username! Be consistent with your name, don’t compromise on that. If you have another name on your Soundcloud than on Instagram you make it harder for yourself than it needs to be. It has to be as easy as possible to find you.



The cover of your single is way more important that you think it is. Think about yourself and how you decide whether to listen to a song or not. If somebody sends you a link and want you to listen to music the first thing you do is to look at the cover and at the name of the song to evaluate if this is worth it or not. How often did you see a whack artwork and immediately lost the interest for a song on Soundcloud?

If you’re not good at making artwork I would seriously consider getting a professional who can help you with it, since it has such a great impact of your music getting plays or not. The artwork should at least have 800 x 800 Pixels. You can find some artwork designers on if you type in “mixtape artwork” or “single artwork” but I recommend you trying to find somebody in your personal network who is doing graphic designs and will dedicate more time and heart into it.



This is also a simple but very effective way of getting some more exposure. If you are new to marketing you just want to have everybody listening to your music… With more experience, you’ll learn that you actually don’t want everybody to listen to it but you want those people who are really relating to your music and therefore become real fans.

Soundcloud plays alone don’t help you. There are some accounts that have ten-thousand of plays but only 3 Soundcloud likes and comments? How is that possible? Well, the Soundcloud plays had no quality and no impact on the Soundcloud rapper’s career. Don’t mislead people to listen to your music based on wrong tags. These aren’t the people who will help your career, in contrary, it will look like you bought fake Soundcloud views.

Make sure to always enter the right mood, vibe, and genre of the music you produce. You don’t want to use the tag “Christian Rap” for your dope dealing trap music. Chose quality over quantity and create a real following.



The right use of metadata is a simple and easy way that helps your free Soundcloud promotion. The metadata is the data you fill in the form while exporting your song from Protools and other digital audio software. You have fields to fill in like:

Artist Name

Album Title



And so on

Type in those fields all the information you can provide. The Soundcloud system does look at these data and the more professional it is filled out the better they can help you. But just as with the tags mentioned before don’t put in all types of genres just fill in the most accurate information you can.


Organize your playlist

Just as I mentioned in this article about free Soundcloud promotion a couple of times, you need to be professional – Organize your playlist accordingly! The way you create and organize your playlist can be decisively about gaining a new fan or receiving just a new single view on one of your Soundcloud songs. An attempt at listening to one certain song of your Soundcloud account can easily expand to 10 or 20 songs depending on your playlist. If you have good music and the new potential fan like what he’s hearing, a playlist will increase the chance of gaining a new fan exponentially. For example, you could create a playlist by moods of the songs. This is actually is not only a tip for free Soundcloud promotion, you can use this principle for youtube and other services as well.



As everything worth having it takes time to reach goals. You won’t become famous overnight, you will need to put in work over a certain period of time and soon as you reach that goal, everybody will talk about your “overnight success”. If you want to become a well-known rapper and use Soundcloud to reach that goal you will need to put out music on a consistent basis. And your follower should know when you’ll release your next single. They should always be informed… the easiest way of doing that is to use social media as described in “Use Social Media Platforms”.

It can be hard in the beginning to be consistent, start working your “music time” into your daily schedule. Whether you plan to work 2 days a week, or every single 0weekday, make sure to reserve that time and really work at your music career. Beware the work don’t only needs to be writing lyrics and recording music but also promotion like posting snippets of your new music or announcing your new projects on Instagram live and other social media platforms. If you consistently work the time you have scheduled you will realize a big difference from the time you were just working when you feel like it. The next step then is to improve your processes. For example, you write lyrics on Sunday and Thursday, record your music on Wednesday, promote your music on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and so on. You’ll become more effective the longer you stayed consistent. You need to establish that new habit of consistent work. There use (or is) a saying that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but new researches have shown that it is more like 66 days for a person to form a new habit. This means for you that you need to do follow your schedule to record songs, social media marketing, Soundcloud promotion and so on for at least 66 days without any excuse.


Build an inner circle

Everybody needs support! Reading this, I assume you are serious about your music career and will do whatever it takes to become a successful musician! The simplest free Soundcloud promotion is by being shared by other Soundcloud rappers. There are two ways about it either you pay commercial accounts to share your music or you build your own network of musicians who share each other’s music.

You’ll need to find other Soundcloud rappers who are serious about their music careers. Sometimes this can be your friends who are also in pursuit of a musical career but most of the time you will hardly find a real dedicated SoundCloud rapper in your existing circle. You want to build a network of engaged musicians who are actively on Soundcloud and whose audience matches yours. This way you all can benefit from cross Soundcloud promotion. Find about 5-10 people who match your criteria of being a productive and serious Soundcloud rapper and build an inner circle. The cool thing is once you are established other artists will step to you to join your circle. Now you can check them out and decide whether they benefit your circle or not. This requires some work but it is a certain way to more views, likes, and comments on your Soundcloud channel.


Produce Quality Music

This is a no-brainer and should be clear for any serious upcoming rapper but in fact, it isn’t. If you load up poor quality music you simply won’t get likes! You might be the best who ever did it, have crazy bars, funny wordplay, and the hardest beats, but if you fail to record your music in a professional way, you’re just wasting your talent! Since I started with and upcoming rappers approaching me by sending in Soundcloud or youtube links to their music. And I actually listen to quite a few of them, but there is one thing that will make me hit the pause button immediately and that’s when the quality is poor. If you don’t take the effort it takes to produce quality music – Why would I take my time to even listen to it?

If your whole goal is to make music for yourself and ego vibe to it then do it in whatever quality you want. But if you want other peoples attention and become successful then you need to make quality music.


Bonus Tip Use Download Gates

This is something I wouldn’t recommend in the beginning but a little further when you already have an existing and engaged fanbase on Soundcloud. Some of you might already know download gates for those who don’t: Download gates are actually gates that block to just download your music. In order to download your music a person now has to enter his e-mail address, follow, share or like your music.

The reason I wouldn’t recommend this, in the beginning, is that it will slow down your Soundcloud downloads and in the beginning you just want to push your music out. But it is a very effective tool you can use for marketing and actually divides the “ghost followers” from real followers – this will lead to more high-quality fans that are really listening to your music and also spread your music around their friends. And of course if you get email addresses you have another tool to promote your music – you can now easily email them, this is one powerful tool!

One of the gates is just google Soundcloud Download Gate and you’ll find a handful of companies providing this service.


As usual let me know if this article was helpful and tell me what you would like to have covered on my blog!

Much Success