It doesn’t matter if you have a full-time job, take care of a child or any other occupation that takes a lot of time, finding time to make music can be difficult.

Somehow you need to find time during everything else that’s on your daily schedule….It definitely isn’t always easy…

But sometimes it’s crazy what powers we develop through the passion for music to reach our ultimate music goal.

But passion alone isn’t enough. It takes strategies and real planning to make sure to achieve those goals and not to push them to the side. And at first, it sounds intimidating to work with strategies and planning to get things done… But you will eventually be very grateful afterward.

I promise you, you won’t regret it! So, let me share a few ways to find time for your music:


High productiveness

What’s your high productivity time? Find out at what time you are the most energized and motivated to do music? For some people, it’s in the morning before anybody get’s up. This is when a lot of people have their clearest thoughts and are highly productive.


For others, it can be at night after most people go to sleep… You might also have some stuff to write about after a long day. This might be your time to write lyrics about what motivates you but also about the daily struggles we all face.


Lunch Break

The Lunch break can become your new power hour to work on something that moves your career ahead. It’s a whole hour and you don’t necessarily need it just to eat. You can execute various tasks during that hour. For Example:

  1. Research Booking Opportunities & Follow Ups

Check out the internet and find clubs and venues in your area. Who is looking for artists to perform or who do you think can benefit from your performance. You can write down all the contacts you find during that hour and contact them in the evening or maybe the next day during the hour of power.

  1. Write Lyrics

One hour is a lot of time to come up with additional lyrics. You can listen to beats and write down your lyrics on your cell phone. If you plan two or three hours of each week on writing lyrics you might have written 3-6 whole new songs. This can easily increase your music catalog in no time.


Get An Assistant

If you have a full-time job spend some money of yours on a personal assistant. You can get a cheap virtual assistant on for only a couple of dollars a week and they will support you with social media posts, managing your email list and more.


In Short

Find your most productive time and block it for your music. Then also find out what free time do you have on your schedule which doesn’t get used in a productive way and use that time to be productive. This requires discipline and planning, but you’ll be surprised how much you get done if you approach it the right way.