Know-How Beats Talent

Did you ever wonder how “untalented” musicians become super successful and earn millions while some really talented musicians can’t get exposure and don’t even make a dime with their music? The answer is missing industry know-how.

Know-How is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. The winners in the game simply know something that the others don’t…If you want to stop struggling and finally thrive in the music game education4artists is the right place to be.

We give you the tools that will enable you to market and monetize your music to finally win in the music game!


Digital Marketing

We have a digital background, and will give you our insights from a digital marketing perspective. We believe it is the best way in our DNage for artists to use digital marketing to their advantage.


Understanding technology will be more and more important for you to get a competitive edge to build your music career. We live in a fast-paced world and help you to stay on top of the game.


This is what separate the pros from the amateurs. Some artists are doing music for a decade and never made any real money. We can show you how you can live of your music.


How Much Do Artists Make On Spotify

How Much Do Artists Make on Spotify? One question I often come across from upcoming artists and some of my friends in the entertainment industry is: How much do artists make on Spotify? This isn’t surprising since Spotify has suddenly become more of a buzzword in the...

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10 Ways to Promote Your Music in 2020

The world is turning fast every year right now, and with change comes new opportunities and some things get outdated. This article will show you how you can effectively promote your music in this dnage. But most importantly be sure to put a strategy in place where you...

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Meet The Founder

Cyril Obeng (Numberz)

Cyril Obeng (Numberz)


Hey, I’m Cyril, an online entrepreneur from Zurich, Switzerland. I started out testing a lot of different business ideas on- and offline. Our company is home to the clothing label and the media website

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